Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Refrigerated Science Experiments

We've become increasingly aware of food at our house. Both of us enjoy cooking, and eating (obviously). I wouldn't say we're obsessed, exactly, just very healthily aware of what we purchase, consume, and throw away. Our current level of "purchase awareness" developed with the cutting in half of our income after we moved last summer. I now have a "price book" and keep track of how cheaply we can acquire our regular staples and favorites, so we can stock up when a sale is good, and avoid buying full-priced items as much as possible. Our consumption awareness continues to evolve, as we become more in tune with which foods fuel our bodies well and lead to health, and which are bad news for us fat people. Believe it or not (and those of you who have known me for a long time will think NOT) I don't buy Diet Coke anymore. I'll drink it occasionally, when at a restaurant or someone else's home, but it doesn't come in our house. I'm making do with a single cup of black tea or coffee every morning and a whole lot more water during the day. Awareness of our food waste is the least developed at our house. I always feel a little guilty when I realize there's something growing in the back of the refrigerator. It's usually the furry remains of what were really yummy dinner leftovers at one point, or the slimy last dregs of an ancient container of sour cream, or a mushy cucumber, forlorn and forgotten at the bottom of the veggie drawer. Throwing food away is not good for the budget. Or the environment. And we do a whole lot of it in this country. We're trying to do less of it at our house, through meal planning and cooking more realistic amounts of food for a kitchen table for two. I've taken to reading The Non-Consumer Advocate blog. The author has a link to another blog, called Wasted Food. I just started reading it. I may be hooked. Let me know what you think!

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