Friday, April 24, 2009

April Showers

We have had some fantastically varied weather here in Bozeman this week. We hit 80 degrees on Tuesday. Wednesday was just as lovely - so lovely in fact that we worshiped outside on the patio at church on Wednesday evening. It cooled down Wednesday night, and yesterday morning the air was filled with the wonderful smell of spring rain. It almost felt like I was back in Seattle, or Belfast.
And then yesterday afternoon snowflakes as big as your head started falling. We woke up to this out the garage door this morning:
And to this out the back door onto our deck:
Of course, inside's not much better: Friends stored a bunch of boxes for us at their house, from the time we moved up here last August until this past Monday night. I spent part of Tuesday unpacking china and crystal, and wedding presents we had yet to use (it felt a little like Christmas morning). Unpacking was far more exciting that keeping the piles of packing paper tidy as I went. Besides, the cat has been having a BALL. No surprise...
I have my weekend work cut out for me!

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