Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrection Day!

Happy Resurrection Day! I hope you are filled with the joy and hope of the day. Jesus is alive and it makes all the difference! We've had a full morning here in Bozeman, though I must say it felt pretty good NOT to have to get up for a sunrise service this morning. Frankly, I didn't miss it! And I think I'd encourage the introduction of the Vigil before we aim to start that early morning tradition. I'll let you know if anything changes next year. So, we had two full services, brass, choir, a very tasty brunch, an egg hunt, and the sun is shining in the blue sky scattered with those happy white fluffy clouds. The grass is even trying to turn green. (Go, chlorophyl, go!) I am looking forward to my Easter nap after I finish putting Grant's Easter basket together, and then to dinner with 3 young couples from the congregation. As tired as I am, my head is still pretty full, and running at 100 miles an hour. Every year I think of this poem by Steve Turner, a British poet I became a fan of during my year in Northern Ireland in the mid 90s. As always, let me know what you think. Christmas Is Really For The Children Christmas is really for the children. Especially for children who like animals, stables, stars and babies wrapped in swaddling clothes. Then there are wise men, kings in fine robes, humble shepherds and a hint of rich perfume. Easter is not really for the children unless accompanied by a cream filled egg. It has whips, blood, nails, a spear and allegations of body snatching. It involves politics, God and the sinds of the world. It is not good for people of a nervous disposition. They would do better to think on rabbits, chickens and the first snowdrop of spring. Or they'd do better to wait for a rerun of Christmas without asking too many questions about what Jesus did when he grew up or whether there's any connection.

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