Friday, January 1, 2010

*8 Things I Fell in Love with in 2009

Join 8-Things Rachelle at Magpie Girl has another *8 Things list - of things she fell in love with last year. Here's my list of *8 Things I fell in love with in 2009: 1. The baby I lost. 2. The house we now live in. 3. Car camping - who knew? We had a great week on the Olympic Penninsula in August. I highly recommend the Fairholme Campground on Lake Crescent. 4. Our CSA - Cloud Nine Farm. 5. The Bozeman Public Library, and my trusty library card. 6. Writing - National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Posting Month. It hasn't always been pretty, or even readable, but the discipline helped boost my creativity... 7. Having a piano in my house. 8. Thanks to Pandora, English folk musician Kate Rusby.


Melanchthon said...

An interesting list. Thanks for sharing this and a Happy New Year to you. Blessings all around!

Melanchthon said...

Your "Unseen Endings" seem to have ended. More! More!

Melanchthon said...

I agree with what that guy (or gal) said.