Thursday, December 31, 2009

In a Blue Mood, I Mean Moon

Happy New Year - hope all my friends are celebrating in ways that make them glad. With Grant in California this week I'm spending the evening in a slightly less than conventional way: tried to get the congregation's newsletter finished, opened up the church for the Gallatin Valley Interfaith Association's annual Labyrinth Walk (still plan to walk it myself before the day is over), then I headed down to our local co-op, where we are working members, to help take down all of December's sale signs and put up January's. It's an okay job, and due to the holiday we got to start early tonight. Not bad. When I left the co-op a light snow was falling. It's beautiful, but it means no admiring the blue moon tonight. Bummer. So, here's a great song sung by Nanci Griffith (a favorite of mine during college days). I'll aim for some new year's reflections tomorrow...

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