Monday, December 14, 2009

New Press to Me

The January-February 2010 issue of the Utne Reader arrived in our mailbox today. I look forward to having a little more time to sit down and read the longer articles. I know I'm busier than I want to be when I check to see how long something is before I start reading it... One of the things I like about the magazine is how it introduces me to so many other magazines, journals, websites, etc., which I would never find on my own. One story that grabbed my attention in this new issue was excerpted from Calyx, "a feminist literary journal published by the press of the same name, both of which nurture women's creativity." What's not to like about that, right? The Calyx website doesn't grant too much access to the content of its journal - fair enough, they've got to pay the bills somehow. I'm intrigued enough to look for it the next time I find myself next to a magazine rack that goes on forever. I'm not sure the Barnes & Noble here in Bozeman carries it. We'll see. What are some of the new, or new-to-you websites, journals, etc. that are sources of inspiration in these short days and dark nights of December?

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Carrie said...

Do you follow the Good News Network?

When I remember to, I look there for some hope and light (though, I'm admittedly super cheap and don't pay for a subscription. I just read the headlines). So often media is doom and gloom and "bad news." It's easy for me to get bogged down in the ick. I also really love Orion, Living Crafts magazine, Mothering Magazine (sometimes that one gets a little TOO Left-Wing for me, and that's sayin' something!). I just recently got a free issue of Ode magazine. . . I'm not done perusing it, but I think it might be good. ~Carrie