Friday, December 4, 2009

The Swell Season

Grant and I saw the movie Once in Minneapolis almost two years ago, and we both loved it. The music (Oscar winning) was great, of course, but I loved more that it was set on the street in Dublin. It's funny how different sounds - and more so smells - take me back to the year I lived in Northern Ireland. This past summer I was walking on Main Street in downtown Bozeman, and it started to rain. As I rounded a corner and passed a local burger joint I could have sworn I was in Strabane, I could even picture the chippy in my head. Crazy. Anyway - here's a new video by The Swell Season. I'm thankful to have come across it on Chris Scharen's blog. (And I'm hoping Santa will bring me The Swell Season's newest cd). Hope you like the video!


Anonymous said...

Oh man oh man, that movie kills me every time I see it. And the music! Lovely. Tom's been downloading "Tiny Desk Concerts" from NPR somewhere onto his iTunes/iPhone thingies (I'm *so* tech-savvy!). There's one from The Swell Season. I love it.

Hmm. . . here's the link:

Lindean said...

Thanks for the link, Carrie - I'll be checking it out. I'm glad you found me!!